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When you partner with Inspecx Inspection Services, problems found are categorized according to cost of repair and safety risk. We’re happy to establish an itemized maintenance program for homeowners and sellers interested. All homes have their strengths and weaknesses, and they are not always what they seem. Home inspection is best left to proven professionals. There’s simply too much at stake to do otherwise. Here in the the Roanoke, Lynchburg and Smith Mountain Lake areas, those professionals can be found at Inspecx Inspection Services. Most importantly, when Inspecx leaves the property, you will have the peace of mind that comes with knowing the condition of the electrical system, plumbing, heating & cooling, structural, roof and drainage, kitchen, attic, insulation, ventilation, grounds and interiors.

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When you find yourself in the market for a new home, there are a great many factors at play. The same is true if you’re a business owner and in need of your commercial facility inspection. Regardless of your down payment, your mortgage, or whether you’re a first-time homebuyer, you are inevitably confronted with a whole host of variables and a number of specialists as well. As veteran home inspectors with two decades of experience to our credit, Inspecx Inspection Services knows what’s at stake for you and your family and we respond accordingly. The investment of a lifetime requires comprehensive expertise.

While a real estate agent can help you select a mortgage loan, in addition to deciding on the size, configuration, and features your home will have, they aren’t able to give you an accurate assessment of your prospective home’s condition.

For that, you need the expertise of proven home inspectors. Here in the Southwest Virginia region, Inspecx is proud to fill that role within the community. Get the peace of mind that goes with expert, certified home inspection. Contact Inspecx Inspection Services for your home inspection.

Inspecx Inspection Services is experienced in the following:

  • Home & Commercial Inspections
  • Pre-Listing Inspections
  • Radon Gas Testing & Mitigation
  • Mold Inspections, Testing, and Remediation
  • Well Testing, Performance & Recovery tests
  • New Construction Inspection
  • Docks and Outbuilding Inspections
  • Pools & Spa Inspection
  • Certified Dryvit (Stucco) Inspector EAI#VA-194
  • Aerial Drone Inspections
  • Robotic Crawlspace Inspections
  • Marine (vessels) Surveys

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Main Office: (540) 798-1388

Lynchburg: (540) 421-7453

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